la talent

bloc represents a diverse and unique group of talent. Please note that we do not list all of the artists that we represent. If you are looking for specific information, or require additional information that is not found on our website, please feel free to contact us at


bloc’s commercial and print department represents some of the top commercial talent in LA for commercials, digital campaigns, print, industrials and promos . bloc’s commercial talent is edgy, quirky, unique, beautiful and authentically themselves with the training and professionalism casting directors are looking for.


bloc’s dance department specializes in all areas of the performing arts, particularly in all forms of dance like contemporary, hip hop, jazz, ballet, ballroom, tap, breaking, house but also in other unique or obscure dance forms like tricking, tutting and burlesque.


bloc's educator department represents a wide array of professionals in all genres of dance. Our instructors can be found teaching at workshops throughout the world, on faculty at dance conventions, creating competitive works for studios and in your favorite viral class videos. To arrange for one of our educators to be a part of your next event (in person or virtual), please email:


bloc’s kids department represents some of the top young talent in the industry with skills ranging from acting, singing, dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, comedy, hosting, and modeling just to name a few.


bloc’s theatrical department represents actors, singers and dancers in Theatre, Television and Film. Clients can be seen in big budget features in addition to appearances in television and various online streaming series . bloc clients can also be found performing in numerous Broadway shows and National Tours as well as in Regional Theaters across the country.